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Non-Revenue Travel Tips!

Register for TravelNet as soon as possible so you can pay your activation fee and familiarize yourself with the non-revenue travel process.

Submit paperwork to add pass riders several days in advance prior to your trip.  DGS Pass Bureau must manually input each pass rider.  Be very careful when filling out the application and write or type legibly so that you do not encounter any problems when checking in at the airport.  The name we enter into your pass account must match the name on the government-issued ID presented at the airport, or boarding may be denied.

Create flight listings at least 3 days prior to travel if possible.  If you notice a problem with your account or the flight record, report it immediately.  Some issues make take 24 hours or more to resolve.

Be on your best behavior!  You are representing DGS & Delta Air Lines when you travel on your passes.   Please remember - ticket & gate agents are very busy & will do their best to accommodate non-revs if seats are available.  Do not interrupt them if they are assisting revenue passengers, & always remember to be courteous.

Don't forget to visit the Travel blog for exciting travel highlights and tips from some of our seasoned globe trekkers!

Alerts:  Check TravelNet for On-going Alerts & Advisories

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